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We have all been to one of those stuffy networking events where everyone is keeping to themselves and no deals are being made. That’s why was created. We believe that more business is done in a social atmosphere. This is why people hold some of their most important business discussions in environments like the golf course. Social atmospheres allow walls to be broken down as everyone can share in a fun experience where bonds are formed; it is key for business connections! Biggest Networking Events promotes an environment where you can let your guard down and really get to know other professionalsin a fun relaxing atmosphere that isn’t an uptight business environment. It feels much less robotic and you can truly open up. Relax, grab a drink and you’ll be able to let your guard down in a way that will truly attract others to talk about business with you.

We hold all of our networking events at the trendiest spots in NYC. Our bimonthly eventswill be held at top venues, hotels, wine tastings, restaurants, and much more. Unlike other networking events, you will not be stuck behind a booth waiting to be approached. Our events will consist of professionals from all different industries, so they are not just focused on one department making these events for anyone and everyone. You’ll be able to network with people you may have never thought you’d work with or never thought about reaching out to because you found out something cool they do with their business in a conversation over drinks. This is why socializing in this kind of environment is so important, you are able to address facts about your company that one wouldn’t of normally known or came across from their website or an expo. On our website we will have a section you can check to view companiesattending before hand, so you can see all the different industries you will be able to connect with and prepare yourself. So stop waiting for success to happen, go out make connections at these events and you’ll achieve a success you never thought was possible!