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The Biggest Networking Event was created to put a spin on your typical Networking Events. Our events are held at top venues in New York City including Nightclubs, Lounges and Restaurants. Our focus is on creating an exciting, fun, and positive atmosphere that fosters interaction between all attendees. In this type of environment, it allows for people to be in a relaxed setting and let them be themselves. We find that more connections can be made in this type of setting. When attending Biggest Networking Events, you can establish business relationships that are vital to your success as an entrepreneur, professional, industry leader, or innovator.

Our Difference.
You can focus on making connections and closing deals while we ensure that the atmosphere is perfect for you to let your guard down and have a fantastic time. This is the key difference between the Biggest Networking Event and other networking groups, and it is why our members are so successful. We understand the pressure that can come from networking and meeting new people and have carefully and meticulously crafted events that allow you, and the other attendees, to let loose and be free to have a good time. When you’re smiling and enjoying yourself, doing business becomes a whole lot easier.

Our networking events are held several times a year at hot spots throughout NYC. Mix and mingle at incredible venues and be prepared to meet professionals from all different industries. You’ll meet experts you never thought of working with before, so go out there and make the connections that will help you to succeed!


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We’ll be holding several networking events throughout the year. These events will be held at unique venues and hotspots that are hand picked by our events team. Sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss any opportunities to network and increase business.


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